Today I had visitors and we sat at the table on the verandah in its new position. And talked for hours. We sent away for take aways from the Prov and had a happy day. I am now doing the things I need to do to stay clean. I have a sponsee and a kind of sponsee and in some ways I am functioning.

Miss 8 came to bring me screwdrivers to fix the arms on the $384 office chair. And its FaceTime with Eden now.



2 OCTOBER 2014

Another day of improvements and a purely wonderful doctor and physio and social worker. A daughter and son who have the house in order and my clothes. Infections clearing. A care plan is being put into place for me at home.

I am however very weak, still unable to enter exchanges for very long. I drift off mentally and have some confusion and other factors. I am only telling you because I may well forget or be unable to acknowledge you or engage in a chat. Its not directed at YOU.

Today – I walked without a Frame. Had good medical news. And I consider myself to be one fortunate woman.

Special thanks to Margot who came each morning and filled in my food order for the day.


Doin’ good. Save Everest for next week


Just take your time Lynne. We are just happy to have you back as are your beautiful family.


Take care Lynne, wishing you a healthy recovery and sending you healing thoughts. Thinking of you


Your are a WONDERFUL woman that adds joy to my life, I am so pleased that there are signs of improvement


I knew you were back with us when you started posting artistic photos of hospital equipment….. get well Lynne….


One day at a time

Ellen from Boston

Those kids of yours are outstanding!! Glad to hear you are improving every day.

Cheryl my Cousin

Your posts always bring a combination of smiles & tears. You have the ability to get to everyone’s hearts. Hang in there & be selfish & get well. Stop worrying about the rest of us. We are all there with you in spirit

Patricia from Paris

One step after one step Lynne. We are all so happy to see you again.Take your time. Always prayers and lots of love.

Chris from Brisbane

One day at a time…good things come to those who wait… Izzy would be so proud of you, as we all are..


Wonderful, wonderful news Lynne, I’ve had Aimee’s birthday and a few other bits & pieces and will be back on the phone soon, big hugs in the meantime xx

Jeannie USA

i was sent home in the same condition after severe pneumonia. i went home on oxygen and even still I had to REST completely. Just going to pee would knock me out. Be very kind to yourself.

Polly New York State

Didn’t realize you were I’ll Lynne. Get better SOON. XO

Lynne to Jeannie

That helps to know. I was thinking the catheter bag looked a good idea last night. I can’t even hold my camera. Or even roll over in bed some nights. xxxx

Lynne to Polly

yep. Bit grim. esp with the liver etc. I think I have made it through this one but I had 21 days “asleep” so I am pretty spaced. Rather. My poor kids. Scared the shit out of them. I was basically “gone’ for 3 weeks just after Izzy going.


Take it easy and accept any help offered. I would always be the one to say ‘no, no, I am ok.’ even if I wasn’t. But then I realised that even I do need help sometimes. Have a happy day Lynne

Keith from Cairns

Great to hear Lynne – nothing wrong with a bit of drifting around for awhile – I think we should all take more time out to “drift”…..all the best for the future…..xxxxx


Keep going Lynn lots of love to you xx



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