Today I had a visit from Aboriginal Housing Assistance. Two beautiful young women. I don’t know how they can help me but I am going along for the ride. We yarned a goodly while and they added housing to my ACAT assessment. I am feeling overwhelmed and ill from  this week’s commitments.  I can feel the shutting down and the unhappiness. I shall cut my commitments back immediately. I cannot function on anything much. Left alone I do alright.

Then I received a call from the Little Girls asking whether they could come for an hour. In the end we had all afternoon to ourselves. I even made them pork dumplings for lunch.  WE had a marvellous time.

I cooked myself a slow cooker meal for dinner.

All is well. All is well.

I am in need of a meeting. I have unfounded fear back and a sense of impending doom. My mind is scattered and a negativity is settling upon me. Superstitious thinking is creeping up. And my thoughts are too muddled even to pay the rent.


And its round about this time of night that even after 4 years, I turn to speak to him. Expect to be able to go to him in bed and snuggle in. Round about this time at night.



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