Years back my brother said to me – ” You have to stay past the boredom”.

Once again it has paid off for me with the discovery of the Blog below because I believe that something like this is what happened to my Izzy. One day when I feel stronger I will give you a run through of the year leading to his death.  For tonight it is deeply settling to read this man’s experience and make sense of a time which made NO sense to me.

Izzy was a man inclined to be a little overweight if anything and he had very long healthy hair. Over a period  of a couple of years he began to develop odd symptoms which noone diagnosed. Painful rash on his legs which I now know was cellulitis which I have had often since Sepsis hit me in 2014. A Doc in Coffs did a puncture test on it and the p;ain increased so much that we went to Sydney to see a doctor.

In this period his hair began to simply fall out. He developed what they said were shingles and was twice ambulanced to Coffs Hospital and put out on the street which a strong suggestion that he was managing it.

He lost over 30 kgs of weight.

Towards the very end his mind seemed to fail somewhat. One day when we were in my little hometown, he said -“M’Lady. Where is the Post Office?”

Neither of us had ever heard of sepsis . Then suddenly he was dead. Running in the forest and found dead beside the road.

Even the autopsy pathologist in Newcastle told me that whena man of his age with heart disease presented they were funded only to find that surface cause. I accepted it then but I don’t now.

That was June 2014 and in September I was comatose with ARDS SESPIS PNEUMONIA.

I believe it killed him and has devastated me.

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